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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a permit to erect a fence?
    The Town does have zoning requirements concerning fences (both the Town and PIKSCO have a maximum height of 5 feet on all fencing) on residential properties and a permit is required by the Town. You must also submit plans to the PIKSCO Architectural Control Committee for review and approval. (See Covenants, page 4)
  • Can I have an outbuilding, storage shed or gazebo?"
    No outbuilding of any kind, including, but not limited to, a tent, shack, barn or storage shed shall be erected, placed or maintained on any lot.
  • Can I put a boat on an unimproved lot?
    You may keep a boat only on a lot where there is a single family dwelling.
  • Can “Park Areas” be reserved for private parties?
    Garner Park and McNeill Park can be reserved by members for special events. Contact the Association Secretary Erica Reed at 252-247-4818 or for reservations.
  • Who do I contact to obtain a gate pass?
    You may call Erica Reed (Association Secretary) at 252-247-4818 or
  • Can I remove trees from my property?
    If a tree is more than 3 1/2 inches in diameter, a permit is required from the Town of Pine Knoll Shores before removal.
  • Is there a limit to the number of animals I can have?
    The Town Code indicates no more than 3 dogs per dwelling.
  • Must house plans, additions and/or changes such as decks, screened in porches, bonus rooms, fences, etc., be reviewed and approved by the PIKSCO  Architectural Control Committee?"
    They must be approved by the Town and the PIKSCO Architectural Control Committee. (See Covenants, pages 4 and 5)
  • Do I need a sign by the street showing my address?
    Yes, please call the Town of Pine Knoll Shores for requirements.
  • What is the PIKSCO mailing address?
    PIKSCO Corporation P.O. Box 366 Atlantic Beach, North Carolina 28512
  • Who do I contact for trash pickup?
    Waste Industries (252) 223-4176
  • How do I rent a space for my canoe or kayak?
    First, you must be a member of PIKSCO. If you are, contact Erica Reed at 252-247-4818 or for an assigned space.
  • How can I rent a boat slip in one of the marinas?
    PIKSCO does not own any boat slips in the marinas. Because of the reciprocal arrangement, PIKSCO and PKA can use all boat ramps to launch boats. However, boat slips in the marinas are owned by PKA and are for their members only.
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